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Art-i-choke Plaque

From the far side of the house, Art could hear his wife cry out, “I…Choke…” And, with a curious mome..


Butterfly Bliss Giclee Canvas Art Set

Butterfly lovers' hearts are fluttering over these. ..


Café s’il vous plaît! Latte Mug

How much café is too much? Maybe when you start ripping up the carpet like a dog left at home while ..


Caffeine for Wired Birders Travel Mug

Do you recognize the kingfisher silhouette? Did you know there are ONE HUNDRED different types of th..


Carrots All In a Row Plaque

Eh.., what’s up, doc? Real Wood 8.5" x 11.5" Made in the USA..


Decantering Set

Wine may actually reduce your risk of sunburn. Now you’ve got a reason to enjoy a glass or two…or th..


Decorative Metal Angel Weathervane

And He shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together His ele..


Decorative Metal Cats Weathervane

This thing’s the cat’s meow. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves..


Decorative Metal Cocky Rooster Weathervane

Roosting silently in metal, this is the only form of rooster that likes to sleep in...


Decorative Metal Cow Weathervane

This girl’s got three utters. A good dairy cow should have, like, four...


Decorative Metal Deer Weathervane

When Aunt Betty comes to visit, which is obvious due to the unbelievably strong odor of her “signatu..


Decorative Metal Gallic Rooster Weathervane

Le coq gaulois (the Gallic rooster) is the national emblem of France. Never thought a weathervane co..


Decorative Metal Horse Weathervane

This is a horse, of course. But really this isn’t one to talk to. That is unless, of course, you’ve ..