Exploration is Important!

Posted by Heather 29/05/2015 0 Comment(s) Explore,

If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently, it is that life should be about living, not existing. Exploration is a very important part of life. But people seem to spend all day, all month, all year in a routine they’ve created for themselves. Why? Why do humans have a tendency to become so predictable? Sure, they become comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that there is.

We have been granted this big, beautiful world, not only as our life source but also as our playground. We should not waste this privilege. It was during my first solo trip that I came to this realization. Sure, Hawaii is a typical vacation spot, but I planned to take advantage of all it had to offer, beyond the warm sand and blue water.

Even in the short week of my life in Hawaii, I noticed a routine I was settling into. It is a hard habit to break, staying within your comfort zone. So, I decided to become aware and not to let anything stop me from exploring, not even the pouring rain on the morning of my Pali Puka Ridge Hike. The steep trail became very muddy, and while some might call it dangerous, I could think of numerous words to more accurately describe this experience. Exhilarating, blissful, gratifying, perfection…

By the time we arrived at the destination, muddy from clinging to every stable landmark and soaking wet from the constant downpour, we had nothing but smiles on our faces. Okay, maybe some relief too, considering a few close calls. But we couldn’t be more content. After photographing our victory, we sat down and slid the whole way to the bottom.

After this experience, not only do I have good memories and a story to tell, but I have such a strong desire to explore. I want to experience the rest of this magnificent world alongside anyone who is willing to let go of their routine for a week or two. Explore big cities, nature, art, culture, man-made beauty, and world-made beauty. Life should be about living, not existing. The difference here is simple, enjoyment. Are you really happy in your life or are you just really comfortable?

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