Hearts all around!

Posted by Makahla 15/05/2015 0 Comment(s) Show Us Your Heart,

Life can be a chaotic roller coaster sometimes, and at the end of the day one thing will always be there to comfort us, LOVE. It’s a simple word with so much meaning behind it. Love comes in many forms. There’s love between people, animals, and objects. These are of the most obvious, common forms of love. But, wait…what about the love of Nature? Who else loves to feel the wind in their hair, the sand between their toes at the beach, or the scenery of green trees?

Let’s look beyond all that, and focus in on the nature around us. Let’s see if you can find LOVE around you, outside in the beautiful nature of this motherland. I was taking a walk with my dog the other day, and came across this rock. Normally I wouldn't look twice at rocks, but this one was special. It was in the form of a heart. It may seem silly, the gratitude I had for finding a heart shaped rock, but it made me happy! How often do you come across a heart shaped rocked? Then it had me thinking, maybe there is hearts all around us that we aren’t seeing. We want to see yours. Show us your hearts! ~~ Makahla

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