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Many people hear the words "LIVE LAUGH LOVE" and don't think much of it.  When I think of these three words, I can't help but to think deeper in thought about what they really mean.

LIVE: I live each day like it was my last one. I love trying something new, and am not scared to take advice on how to better my life. Living each day for all its worth, has made me an adventurous person with excitement for what life has to offer.

This picture is my hometown in Florence, Oregon. I moved away from here a year ago to attend college in Boise. A big leap, but I know it will be worth it!

LAUGH: It’s a daily thing for me. Whether it be by a friend, book or TV show I always find a reason to laugh. Why? Life is too short to take everything so serious. Embarrass yourself, Laugh about it. It's a guaranteed smile for those around you. And who doesn't love to make people smile.

The feature picture is nephew Weston. He is one of my favorite people to make laugh. He has the whole world ahead of him, children need to learn to everything :)

LOVE: When people think of love, they usually lean toward the connection between two partners. Love can be anything that makes you feel extra happy in your heart. I love adventures, my dogs, my family and of course my fiancé.

This picture is when my dogs and I went on recently to Jump Creek Falls.

Everyone is going to have a different meaning of LIVE LAUGH LOVE, and it really all depends on what they feel in their heart. Knowing how people feel is a better way to understand who they are, and even why they are the way they are today. Share your heart, and let someone get to know the meaning behind you!

Share your heart by telling us what the individual words of Live Laugh Love mean to you, or write us a poem sharing the words that best describe your heart.

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