The Live Laugh Love® Philosophy of Living Life

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Live Laugh Love® holds to the core philosophy that life should be lived with heart.  It is a way of life and a practiced attitude of life -- that life should be embraced and lived with purpose so we each can have the best life possible.  Whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, or pure, these things we follow.

You who wear our products, and we who work to create them, are inextricably intertwined and committed to every day enjoying and bettering the world around us, our family and our friends and to doing our parts to make our towns great places in which for others LIVE LAUGH and LOVE.

LIVE ~~  undaunted. Pursue the very marrow and meaning of life.  Live pure.  Right wrong.  Follow truth. Live as deep as first love.  Be ever bold.  Be real.  Live real.  Live now.  Live in earnest.  Leave deep footprints.  Live sublime.  Achieve. Pursue.  Do good.  In all matters, high and low.  
Living life to the full starts with respecting it.   Each gets one pass through life, and assuring it is meaningful is the most important thing.    Yes, we are each individually important, yet meaning lies in caring both for our own life and those of others.   If each of us does our part, our towns are better places for everyone and everything to live life!   At Live Laugh Love we provide means to get involved and amplify your town and make life better for we humans and the plants, trees and animals which share our living space and make it more worth living in.  

LAUGH ~~ as though universal poetry.  Laughter is born in you.  Use it and live.   Laughter is the twinkling of the stars, the flowering of the fields. Laugh every day, rain or shine.   Laughter is for all times.   Angels laugh with our doings of good.  Laughing wins friends.  Smiling brings peace.  Be light of heart. Be of good cheer.  Laughter bars fear.  

Laughter chases away the blues and heals the soul.  It helps you through hard times and makes good times the best.   So it’s important to surround ourselves with people we can laugh with and to do things that make us and those around us smile.  Laughter is a key ingredient to living life with heart.  So all our products and doings are designed to brighten things up with a positive message.

LOVE ~~ your heart, point, and purpose Be strong.  Be brave.  Be up.  Be doing.  Have heart for any fate.   Look to your heart,  and act.  Act on love, and live.  Life is perfected by practicing love.   Love is nature's second sun.

Love is other-focused, and takes us beyond ourselves. Focused on ourself we are alone, one.  Focused on others, we are vast.    Life is best when lived with love.   Love is the ultimate ingredient to having a life of purpose.  Healthy love is the key to happiness.  We at Live Laugh Love know we all need love and that some people can occasionally use an act of love to pick them up or help them move forward.   And so our message spreads love to those in need, and we support actions that can change individual lives.

Our core philosophy guides Live Laugh Love to value each person’s own uniqueness that makes them special.  That’s why we strive to offer many ways for you to express your Live Laugh Love attitude with different products and styles, couple your activities with that belief, and express it so others will see the path of proper living.  

Through LLL products, community, and practices, you and we can do great good together.

What we live for … what makes us laugh … what we love … may be different for each of us, but when we put our heart and soul into them, it makes life the best it can be.

So make today and every day one in which you truly LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE.

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