A Purposeful and Meaningful Life

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Live a purposeful and meaningful life; a life that helps others and advances the human lot.

Die a purposeful and meaning death, not a hollow useless death.

From the earliest age, when you talk with your children talk with them in rational discourse like mature adults.  When you play talk with your children in silly funny voices, do so in a logical, learning silly fun game, not nonsense.

Respect other people.  Treat especially with respect those people who are not as well off as you.  

Develop inner dignity and integrity.  Keep it inside.  Don’t make a stuffy, starched, and holier than thou show of it outside.  Let it simply be a matter of your own personal honor.  Those who announce it loudly lack it; those who hold it quietly within learn it.

Mistakes you make are not faults of failures in your whole character.  Life is trial and error.  Every great man (many of whom led unnoticed but good lives) made mistakes, committed acts and wrongs they wished they never had.  They did not beat themselves on their backs with sack cloths the rest of their lives for having done so.  They held regret quietly inside, and gradually extracted what learning they could from the experience.  They drew analogies from it to other situations.  They asked themselves what they could change in their beliefs, opinions, mental reasonings, and so forth that would make them a better person now that they had learned that lesson of life.

Written August 7, 2005.

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