A smudge of joy

Posted by Heather 15/05/2015 0 Comment(s) Show Us Your Heart,

The week before finals is always a tough one. After a late night of studying, I had an early morning of class. Of course, I snoozed my alarm a couple times too many and ended up frantic and rushing. On my way across campus, I stepped over this water spot. I completely lost all my negative feelings. All I could think about was how meaningful something so simple could be. No, it is not a perfect heart, but nothing is perfect. I am certainly not perfect. and life is not perfect. Though this heart is just a smudgy water spot, it made me remember that life is about joy. It is about enhancing the beauty around us, not dwelling on bring tired, rushed, or stressed. I decided not to let my bad morning have an impact on the way I would live the rest of my day. Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder to bring appreciation back into life. - Heather

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